General Zod is the villian in The Looney Tunes Show: Superabbit and appears in three episodes of Castaras.             


"I know you and you're precious boyfriend are hiding Kalel and Lola, so tell me..WHERE ARE THEY?"

- Zod to Lyndsey Duck


General Zod was born in Krypton to a pure evil family. Many years ago his great great grandfather once ruled over Krypton and frequently fought in battles against Bugs Bunny's father. Growing up, Zod felt pure hatred and anger towards the Bunny family ever since.

During "The Looney Tunes Show", Zod is shown to be a hostage in Bug's father's lair, he is trapped along with his human girlfriend, Feora and superstrong henchman robot, Thunkian.

In Castaras, Zod appears in the episode The Zod, where he tries to intergigate the goodies into telling him where Bugs and Lola Bunny are, but when they refuse he kidnaps Lyndsey Duck.

He appears again later in the episode "Back and Bad", after being relesed from Alcatraz Prison. He swears to get revenge on the Goodies, so he kidnaps Lyndsey Duck (again) and forces her to marry him, and if not she dies.

He returns again for the final time, and as a battle against Lyndsey Duck...until he is killed by Daffy Duck.

Zod returns again in series 4 after surviving the battle between him, Daffy and Lyndsey Duck , playing a huger role, where he manages to overrule Baboon.