He is both short and short-tempered. He is an arrogant man with a western accent who is shown as an antagonist to Bugs and Daffy alike due to his mooching and all around snobby attitude. Yosemite Sam lives in a broken down house next door to Bugs and Daffy.


Yosemite Sam is the main antagonist originally designed to be a replacement of Elmer Fudd when it became apparent that Bugs Bunny's continual defeat of the dimwitted hunter was verging on Bugs being a bully - so they went about creating a deliberately more villainious individual in the form of the explosive, bad-tempered, and violent Yosemite Sam, though Yosemite Sam fared no better against Bugs Bunny and was soon to become hopelessly tricked by the rabbit continually - as is the fate of all Looney Tunes villains.

Yosemite Sam is usually depicted as a human cowboy with a fiery temper and a hatred of rabbits to match. He is also very trigger-happy and will start firing his [trademark] revolvers, rifles, flintlock guns, etc. at any moment, he isn't the brightest of villains though - in fact he can probably be considered extremely stupid at times and is easily tricked into humiliating and/or painful situations. Like any good villain Yosemite Sam keeps coming back despite his continual failings but he doesn't seem to be any wiser for it, still falling for the same old tricks - of course this is a trait common to many cartoon villains, not just Yosemite Sam.

Castaras Edit

Yosemite Sam will appear in 2017 Cartoon Crossover Castaras as a Villain, It will follow 2 years after the events of The Looney Tunes Show. He serves Vanitas & team's up with the other Villains, Yosemite Sam will do all he can to Kill all the Goodies especially Daffy Duck.

Wabbit! A Looney Tunes ProductionEdit

Set around 20 years after the events of Castaras. Yosemite Sam is still currently the villian, still going after his old enemy Bugs Bunny, and now Bugs' new pal, Squeaks. Sam served around 16 years in prison for his part of the battle that took place 17 years ago, claimimg the lives of Daffy Duck, Lyndsey Duck, Axel, Skunk, Baboon, Kirstie Shephard, Panda and Vanitas.