Ventus, (or also known as Ven) is a character and of of the main protagonists in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. He is voiced by Jesse McCartney, like Roxas. He is American/Japanese descent.

Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 16
Birthday Unknown
Affiliations Good
Occupation Keyblade Weilder, Goodie
Homeworld Earth
Residence Land Of Departure / Goodie HQ,
Interests Saving the worlds
Parents Master Eraqus (guardian)
Grandparents none
Spouse(s) Lyndsey (girlfriend)
Children Unknown
Grandchildren Luxy Longmoore (descendant)
Siblings Roxas (twin brother)
Production Information
First Appearance Birth By Sleep (2009)
Last Appearance The Gathering (2019)
Voiced by Jesse McCartney

"My friends are my power... and I'm theirs!"
—Ventus to Vanitas before their final battle

Role and Personality

In Ven's past, he was born, along with his identical twin brother Roxas in Daybreak Town, during this time, Ventus was outgoing unlike his brother and landed a role as a dandelion by a foreteller named Lady Ava. When the first keyblade war broke out, he and the other dandelions survived. Soon after that Ventus was kidapped by an hooded figure, where Roxas gave chase, this however corrupted Ventus' memories. During the Kingdom Hearts saga, Ventus is the youngest of three keyblade weilders. He is also trained and under the guardianship of Master Eraqus who took him in after his old master, Xehanort abandoned him after extracting his darkness, creating Vanitas. During The Gathering, Ventus and Roxas are reunited. Roxas at the time of Xehanort's influence was believed to be Sora's nobody, which was false. Origanally, Xemnas took the oppurtunity to take in Roxas to gain info about Ven's wherabouts but decided to erase Roxas' memory also. making him fight against the light, that until he met Axel and Xion. During The Gathering, Ventus is still terrorized by Vanitas. He still has the same personality from the Kingdom Hearts series but this time more aware of his surroundings, consodering now he has met future girlfriend Lyndsey. In the dark crossover, Ventus is considered to have two villians, that of being Vanitas and the other being Xigbar.

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