Tom is a character from Tom and Jerry.  He will be voiced by Richard Kind.     

Thomas Cat
Background information
Species Cat
Appearance Tom & Jerry
Voice Richard Kind
Nationality American
Character information
Status Alive
Personality Friendly, Shy, Short-Temperd.
Appearance Greyish-Blue fur with white white mouth, paws, feet and tip of his tail, dark pink ears, green eyes with yellow background.
Occupation House Cat
Goal To save Oddville from The Villians
Home Oddville
Relatives Theo Cat (descendant)
Allies The Goodies
Age 7
Enemies Spike Bulldog
Likes Chasing Jerry
Dislikes Losing, being beaten up by Spike.
Powers and abilities Toon-like elaticity, super-strength.
Fate Gets into a relationship with Sheeba Cat.
Quote "Where have you been hiding at? i wanted to look for you but i had to get Sheeba to safety first."



After walking alone on the streets of Oddville. Tom is shocked to witness his old enemy Spike the Bulldog getting married to an old friend, Sheeba. After reuniting with Sheeba, he tries to talk her out of marrying Spike, who is a ignorant bully, who hates cats.After some convincing Tom manages to get Sheeba away from Spike before declaring his revenge on the cats.

During the series, Tom and Sheeba grow feelings towards one another, but not managing to ask eachother out. Sheeba later declared her love for Tom after he gets beaten up by Spike and Butch on Vanitas' orders.

Tom shows his heroic side when Jerry is targeted by Butch, saving his frenemy from harms way.

Tom mentions that he has a twin brother named Timothy.

In the futuristic story "The Legion Force" Tom has a descendant named Theo Cat.


  • Richard Kind first voiced Tom in the 1992 movie "Tom & Jerry: The Movie" many fans were pleased with the voiced for Tom, despite the movie bombing the box office.

  • In An episode of the 2014 show, Spike tells Tom that he will one day stand up for himself and not be a victim, which he later does in The Gathering.

  • It's unknown who Tom's owner was before The Gathering starts, (possibly Rick and Ginger are still Tom's owners) since Tom never mentions Mammy Two Shoes, nor Robyn Starling.

  • It is never revealed, but it's assumed that Toodles chose Wilson over Tom and Butch.

  • Despite not being a fan of dogs, Tom is on good terms with Scooby-Doo (whom both had a disagreement earlier on but later made up)
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