Tiffany is a character from the Child's Play series, she made her first debut in Bride Of Chucky.                             

Background information
Feature films

Bride Of Chucky, Seed Of Chucky, Curse Of Chucky

Television programs None
Video games None
Park attractions Universal Studios
Portrayed by Jennifer Tilly
Animators Universal Studios
Voice Jennifer Tilly
Performance model Jennifer Tilly
Designer Don Mancini, Ronny Yu
Inspiration Bride Of Frankenstein
Character information
Other names  Tiff, Bride Of Chucky, Babe, Bitch
Personality Sadistic, twisted, loveable, short tempered, bossy, evil, in love,
Appearance Slender, pale skin, blonde hair with black roots, white wedding dress, black leather jacket, black biker boots, gold chain or black neck ring, black lipstick, nail vanish, sometimes seen with veil.
Occupation As a human:

[ Possibly a barmaid ] As a doll: Serial Killer

Alignment Bad, later good
Affiliations Horror
Goal To find Chucky and marry him (suceeded), to transfer her soul into Jade (failed)

To become Jennifer Tilly (suceeded),

Home Tiffany's caravan, Jersey (unil her death)

Hollywood (currently)

Relatives Chucky (ex husband)

Gkenda (daughter) Glen (son) unamed mother (mother; deceased)

Pets Charlotte (teranchula)

unnmaed fish (tropical fish)

Allies Chucky (former) Glen, Glenda, Jade (former), Jesse (former), The Goodies
Enemies Chucky, The Villians, Jade, Jesse, Sarah, Nica, Andy
Likes Chucky, killing
Dislikes being killed, being a doll
Powers and abilities Speed-running/sneaking, killing
Fate stabbed by Chucky, then dies giving birth (bride of chucky)

gets killed with an axe after completing the ritual to posess Jennifer's body (seed of chucky) steals Chucky's remains and mails it to unsuspecting victims (curse of chucky)

Quote "Barbie, Eat your heart Out"

"I wanna be Jennifer Tilly, i wanna be a star"




Tiffany was born in the year 1990. According to Chucky, Tiffany has one sister who's name is unknown and a deceased mother. At the age of 5, Tiffany was in the care of millionairess Maria Towers. In Bride of Chucky, Tiffany states that she and Chucky (Charles Lee Ray) was a couple before he was gunned down and killed and it took her 10 years to find him. It is unknown how they met, or how Tiffany became a killer.


Tiffany is first seen as mysterious but soon it is revealed she is most like Chucky. Tiffany can be angered easily and will kill anybody who messes with her. She can be sweet but also a little agressive. She is a very doting mother who tries to quit killing but unfortnatly fails.


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