Thunkian is the non-talking robotic sidekick of Generel Zod.                                                                              

Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Robot
Age 123
Birthday 1891
Affiliations Evil (but can be good)
Occupation Zod's henchman
Homeworld Earth
Residence Krypton, Metrotropolis, USA
Weight/height 1000 pounds 7.0m
Parents Zod's Ancestors
Grandparents none
Spouse(s) none
Children none
Grandchildren none
Siblings none
Production Information
First Appearance The Looney Tunes Show (2012)
Last Appearance Castaras (2017)
Voiced by No Voice Actor




Thunkian was created by Zod's ancestors 300 years ago. In 1891, Thunkian was destroyed by Bugs Bunny's great great great great great grandfather John Bunny in the Chilean Civil War, but was re-created by Zod's uncle for his new baby nephew.

Thunkian now serves as Zod's sidekick, and teamed up with co sidekick Feora, Zod's girlfriend. Thunkian made his debut apperence in the final episode of The Looney Tunes Show in the episode "Superabbit", where he, Zod and Feora try to fight against hero Kalel, also known as Superabbit (really Bugs Bunny). Thunkian was told by Kalel not to go back to Zod's side as he treats him like a child and that he cant talk, this manges to gain Thunkian's trust and he and Feora leave Zod, but later he, Zod and Feora are arrested.


Two years later, Thunkian returns again along with Zod and Feora in the TV crossover show "Castaras" in two episodes of Lola Returns and The Zod. In Lola Returns, He and Feora are looking for Bugs's crazy girlfriend, Lola Bunny, who seeks refuge in the goodies house, and in The Zod, He, Feora and Zod demand to know where Bugs and Lola are from Daffy Duck, but later Zod kidnaps Daffy's new girlfriend,Lyndsey Duck.

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