Roxas begins to feel envious that Lyndsey and Ventus are spending too much time together, So he decides to follow them - with dangerous consiquences.

Possible Script

(Usual Opening Theme)

(The camera shows the TV playing at Goodie HQ, as Roxas sits alone watching Ventus and Lyndsey cuddling up on the other chair)

(Roxas watches Ventus and Lyndsey)

Lyndsey: I love this movie

Ventus: Me too, Roxas can pass the popcorn please?

Roxas: Here

Ventus: Thanks!

Roxas: What are you guys watching anyway?

Lyndsey: The Catastrophic Winter Wonderland, it's like a really cheesy romantic movie, but it's so funny

Roxas: What's so funny about it?

Lyndsey: I'm not sure, i saw this with my two sisters after they was bragging on about it, when i watched it i couldnt watch it without laughing...after about 7 minutes in we got kicked out of the movie theatre.

Ventus: Was anyone else laughing?

Lyndsey: Not really, i'm not sure what's so funny about it, but i find it hilarious.

(Daffy walks in and snatches the remote from Lyndsey and switches it over)

Daffy: (takes the remote) Tahh...(jumps on chair) (then burps)

Lyndsey: Daffy!?

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