Panda is a character from Skunk Fu.      

Panda is Skunk's panda master who was friends with Dragon before Dragon became evil. He is the de-factoleader of the valley. He is skunk's master and is very wise. He seems to be a very powerful warrior though he does not like fighting. He is often challenged for the title of leader by Rabbit. Panda is very calm. He is one of the few people who has attained Dragon's respect.                                                                                                                            
Background information
TV Series

Skunk Fu! (2007-2008), Castaras (Upcoming)

Species Panda
Voice Paul Tylak
Occupation Kung Fu Master
Character information
Other names Panda, Master, Panny, Pandy,
Personality Kind, Caring, short tempered, bossy, intellegant.
Appearance Large, white fur with black furr around eyes, paws and feet, black powderpuff tail, black chinese style mustache.
Age Possibly 70s
Alignment Good
Goal To Make sure Skunk is safe, Train The Goodies.
Home The Valley
Relatives His Pupils (adopted children)
Pets None
Allies Skunk, Rabbit, Fox, Turtle, Fish, Ox, Bird, Crane, Duck, Snake, Tiger, Pig, Roxas, Tommy, Louise, Lyndsey, Lyndsey Duck, Daffy Duck, Ventus, Tom, Sheeba, Boo, Scooby, Daphne, Bubbles, Violet, Tiffany Ray, Kovu.
Enemies Dragon, Baboon, The Villians
Likes Helping people in need, Kung Fu, bossing Skunk around
Dislikes Threats to the world's peace, being kidnapped by Dragon's lackeys, The Valley in harms way
Powers and abilities Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Mind reading,
Weapons Fists, Legs
Fate Helps anyway he can to defeat Dragon and Baboon (most episodes, Train The Goodies for dangeous battles ahead. (Castaras)
Quote "Your'e task today is.." (Skunk Fu!)

"I'll help you little Skunk..I'll train your Friends!" (Castaras)


Long ago, At a young age, Panda became best friends with fellow pupil Dragon who was paired up by their unknown master. One day something bad happend in The Valley , Dragon tried to save Panda but Panda escaped leaving the valley folks to suspect that Dragon was behind the mischeif. They soon locked up Dragon in a icy cave forever as punishment. Dragon has hated Panda ever since.

Now many years on, now an elderly, but a master, Panda continues to teach future students, one being young Skunk. how to protect himself from attacks by Dragon's henchmen The Ninja Monkeys, aswell as the "feared" Baboon.


Some time after the events of Skunk Fu!, Panda tries to help Skunk settle a match with Baboon, after Baboon's banishment by Dragon. After the explosion, Panda was thought to be dead but unconsious. Some time in the series, Skunk tracks down Panda in a cave, after learning of Lyndsey Longmoore's "death", he offers The Goodies of training in future battles.