Muriel is a character from Courage The Cowardly Dog.                                                                                             

Muriel Bagge

Name Muriel Bagge
Also known as Pixie (in Wrath of the Librarian)

Granny (Cajun Granny Stew)
The Fat One
Old Lady

Voiced by Howard Hoffman (pilot)

Thea White

Species Human
Gender Female
Family Siblings: Dorothy
Spouses: Eustace Bagge
Nieces & Nephews: Fred
Parents-in-law: Ma Bagge & Ickett Bagge †‭
Siblings-in-law: Horst Bagge
Pets: Courage

CourageEustace Bagge (sometimes)
ShirleyDr. Vindaloo

Enemies Mattress Demon

KatzCajun FoxWeremoleBlack Puddle QueenBig ToeEustace Bagge (sometimes)

Likes Making food (especially with vinegar), tea & Courage
Dislikes Macaroni & Cheese, Ma Bagge
First appearance The Chicken from Outer Space
Quote "Oh My!"

Muriel is an overweight Scottish elderly woman. She is the kind owner of Courage and the hard-working wife of Eustace. Muriel is the show's damsel-in-distress. She is apparently a very good cook and always uses her rolling pin to smack Eustace whenever he scares, teases, abuses or otherwise mistreats Courage.

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