Mojo Jojo is a character from The Powerpuff Girls.


Mojo Jojo
Full Name Mojo Jojo
Age 45
Origin The Powerpuff Girls
Occupation Villian Of Townsville
Gender Male
Status Alive
Goals To kill the Powerpuff Girls
Voiced By Roger L Jackson

Mojo was originally Jojo, the Professor's hyperactive lab assistant who always broke everything he touched. He pushed the Professor towards a beaker of Chemical X, which caused an explosion, mutating his simian DNA, turning his skin green and causing his intelligence and brain to enlarge, growing out of his skull.

Mojo is closely associated with the Powerpuff Girls, being partially responsible for their creation having the same creator. After Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were created, the professor lost interest and/or attention of Mojo's existence and forgot about him. With newfound intelligence, he donned a tattered overcoat with a partially shredded scarf and a paper bag to cover his brain and ran away, setting his home up in an alley. Spending time on the street by himself with no one to care about him almost immediately turned him cold and emotionless providing a motive as to why he would care to destroy Townsville and conquer the world. He doesn't always do this or makes plans related to this as in one episode he fell asleep while doing nothing but reading a newspaper (but was still b

es legally. The girls also tend to treat him as a friendly neighbor, often coming to his house to ask for favors without attacking him.

Despite being a villain, he has saved the Earth before, when a giant alien overlord had come to destroy the entire planet and force the human race to surrender their pride and bow down to it, Mojo became so stressed over the alien copying all of his plans and crushing his dreams that he brutally attacked the overlord with his karate-chopping skills and finally slammed him with a really thick bread loaf before forcing the alien to admit he was the most evil by grabbing hold of one of its legs in which the alien eventually fled in terror, thus saving the Earth. Townsville, including {C}the Powerpuff Girls then praised him and called him their hero, but he yelled out he was EVIL! He tried to remind them that he is still a villain, but replaced the {C}Powerpuff Girls in the heart-shaped ending sequence, where he tries to negotiate with the Narrator.

eaten up due to circumstances beyond his control). Mojo is shown to have a civilian life despite his criminal activities; he is often shown walking around Townsville without any citizens running in fear, and even buys groceries.