Lyndsey Duck is a new character in Castaras and the new girlfriend of Daffy Duck.                 
Lyndsey duck
Lyndsey Duck
Background information
Species Duck
Television programs Castaras (Upcoming)
Voice Mae Whitman
Character information
Other names Lass (by Ace)
Personality Kind, happy, caring, very helpful, encouraging, determined, fearfull, brave, loving, pure-hearted, free-spirited, selfless, clever, optimistic, energetic, innocent, a knack for leadership, responsible, loyal, dependable, honorable, compassionate, pragmatic, altruistic
Appearance Slender frame, pale yellow feathers, ryellow bill and feet, teal blue eyes, shoulder-length wavy brown hair, dark purple skirt, pink tank top with light pink lve heart in the centre, pink neckring.
Occupation School Teaching Assistant (temp)
Alignment Good
Goal To defeat The Villians
Home Oddville
Relatives Daffy Duck  (boyfriend/creator
Pets None
Allies The Goodies
Enemies The Villians, Zod
Likes Her friends, being a princess, her family, helping others, swans, sewing, parties,
Dislikes Evil, Zod
Powers and abilities none
Possessions none
Quote "What's Happening."

"I dont love you, i love Daffy..please let me go!"

- Lyndsey Duck to Zod                                                                                                                               


Lyndsey Duck is a playful, but also a very caring friend. She does anything she can to keep her friends safe, as she once helped Lisa Simpson defeat her bully Francine Rhenquiest. Lyndsey Duck is actually a clone of Lyndsey Longmoore. She was created by Daffy after the human Lyndsey rejected him when he said they should become a couple and that she is the "Next Tina Russo", Lyndsey then laughs it off saying a Duck and human couple would be "Weird". Lyndsey Duck is the new character for Castaras, and the new future girlfriend for Daffy Duck and a replacement of Tina Russo. She was created by Daffy after human Lyndsey Longmoore rejected him after he revealed he liked her. So Daffy takes a lock of her hair and places her DNA in a cloning device, in which he sets to create a female duck of Lyndsey.

During Series 5, Of the last episode, Lyndsey Duck as well as Daffy are both killed by a rock colission after Zod causes an avalanche.


  • "Who do you think i am...Frankenstein!?" - First ever line
  • "I dont love you, i love Daffy..Please let me go"
  • "I saw her..i saw Tina!"
  • "What's happening"
  • "DAFFY!!" - Last line before her death
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