Luxy is a new character to Castaras. She is the new and only human Loonatic, and a Princess of the planet Freleing.              
Luxy Longmoore
Background information
Species Half Extra-Terrestrialsapian
Appearance Castaras (Upcoming)
Voice Patsy Kensit
Nationality American (Las Vegas descent)
Character information
Status Alive
Personality Friendly, Cool, Moody, Shy, Negative
Appearance Beautiful , Super: Long brown hair with spikey bangs, dark blue eyes, blue lipstick, blue headband, black Loonatic uniform with blue belt, gloves and shoe bottoms.
Occupation Music Student
Goal To save Daffy Duck from being framed
Home Planet Of Blanc (formerly), Acmetropolis
Relatives Lyndsey Longmoore (ansestor) Roxas (ansestor) Zadavia (mother) Sypher (father) Optimatus (uncle)
Allies The Loonatics, The Goodies
Minions None
Enemies Poppy Bandway (rival) The Villians
Likes Being alone, Music
Dislikes The Planet Of Blanc
Powers and abilities Immortality, Invisablity, flying
Fate Gets her own Music School on the FBI
Quote "I don't care, I'm Not going back!?"




Luxy is the descendant of Lyndsey Longmoore and Ventus. She is the daughter of Zadavia and Sypher and the only known niece of Optimatus. The only human to become a Loonatic and a descended princess of the planet Freleing. Her species is half Metahuman. She is the youngest of all the Loonatics.
Luxy first appears in the episode "Danger", where she and the other Loonatics help Daffy Duck and The Goodies to escape the authorities after they try to arrest Daffy on suspician of Vanitas' murder. Her superpowers are Ultimate Freeze and Enchanced Flying.


Before Luxy became a Loonatic and around the same time Melina Duck became one. She attended a music course at the Acmetropolis Arts Of Music. She is seen as a talented muscian but was always either classed as second best or rejected because her mentor favoured his spoilt daughter, Poppy Bandway as the star musician. He had Luxy kicked off the band. When the metor hits, Luxy is knocked unconsious until Lexi finds her. While as a Loonatic, Luxy was a bit secretive around the other Loonatics until Danger pushes her into Zadavia. Zadavia is shocked when she sees Luxy and orders her to return to The Planet of Blanc, as the other Loonatics wonder why, Zadavia tells them that Luxy is her and Sypher's daughter and that she had to be fled to The Planet Of Blanc from her evil uncle Optimatus. Luxy was born in 2757, with immortality (same with as  her ancestors) Zadavia was called to her true home Freleing where a huge battle between Slythvester, Zadavia's brother and a army of robots were attacking it, and also Optimatus kidnapping the council. Also joining Zadavia, was Sypher. Who at the time was deeply in love with her. After the battle that caused Slythvester and Optimatus's injuries, Zadavia and Sypher both escaped Freleing to Acmetropolis and went in hiding for 9 months, was eventually found by Optimatus. prior to this Zadavia had given birth to a daughter, Luxy. Soon after Luxy's birth, Optimatus later found Sypher and gave him an ultimatum - either turn evil for eternity or be killed. Sypher chose to be evil. After finding this out and also finding out about Luxy, Zadavia decides to keep Luxy in hiding at Planet Of Blanc, under the care of the Royal Tweetums until she is older and later join the Loonatics. Luxy was actually born into Royalty, making her a princess of Freleing