Kirstie is a character from The Lost 7.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Kirstie was born to a Mafia mob boss and a Waitress. Her father wanted a son but ended up with a baby girl, so he left her and her mother. When Kirstie turned one, her mother became a babysitter and often looked after Lyndsey Longmoore and her older sister, Dawn (Lyndsey was a new born). Kirstie began to grow jealous of Lyndsey as she kept hogging the attention and stealing toys. As she turned 3 her mother died and was raised by a evil nun. The nun teached Kirstie how to be evil and get revenge on Lyndsey.


Kirstie is a unattractive, ugly evil 16 year old. She is seen mostly jealous than evil due to her childhood. She has never attended school as she is on her own living with her two henchmen, then later moving into Villian HQ.



Kirstie will appear in the 2017 cartoon crossover, Castaras. She will serve for main villian Baboon and will help her and the other villians to kill Lyndsey Longmoore and The Goodies.

Later on in the series, Kirstie along with Baboon, Scar and Mother Goose are killed during the battle, but as Kir