Henry is a character from the cartoon series Horrid Henry. He was voiced by Lizzie Waterworth.                     

What Henry Thinks About The GoodiesEdit

"I know they're not like me, but they are my friends, my second family. Well when i say not like me i mean Horrid!. But i love pranking, hang on! Lyndsey's also a prankster!".

What Henry Thinks About The VilliansEdit

"Nahh! Smelly Nappy Babies, the lot of them!"

What Henry Thinks About Moody MargaretEdit

"Maggot Brain Margaret! Well i can say a lot about that ugly toad face any day."


Henry was born to Simon and Elizabeth Hopwood in 1995. He is the older brother to Peter. At the age of 1, Henry was sent to Vice City to be in the care of Maria Towers, a rich babysitter who looks after very naughty children. It is unknown what age he was when he left Maria's care.


Henry is a fun loving, mischeivious but a horrid young boy. Who thinks the world is cruel and against him.


In the 2006 cartoon tv series Horrid Henry, Henry is about 10 years old. Who still attends Primary school, He can be loved and hated by his classmates, but hated more by Moody Margaret and Miss Battle-Axe.

By the time Castaras comes, Henry is 15 years old, but happens to be at the same school, which means his school is also a middle high school. Henry is joined by old friend, love intrest and fellow goodie, Melody .


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