Graham is a character from Castaras.                                                                                                                 

Background information
Species Human
Appearance Castaras (Upcoming)
Sex Male
Nationality British
Created By Castarasforever
Voice Marc Baylis
Age 27
Character information
Full name Graham Smith
Other names Gray (by Joe)
Personality Cunning, Dimwitted, Deceitful, Mean, evil
Appearance Chubby, with dark blue shirtm, long brown shorts, white socks and trainers, blue cap
Occupation Henchman
Alignment Neutral
Goal To kidnap a Goodie for Morgana
Home Oddville
Relatives None
Allies The Villians, Joe
Enemies Lyndsey Longmoore, The Goodies
Likes Revenge, food
Dislikes Being caught, arrested
Powers and abilities Manipulation
Weapons Hands
Fate Gets arrested and kicked out of The Villians
Quote "Marvellus"

"Marvellus" - Graham


Graham, along with his best friend Joe was hired by Morgana to find and kill The Goodies. Later on the two stumble across Lyndsey Longmoore who was angry but confused over that the others are "forgetting" and "ignoring" her. Graham rethinks his plan to instead of killing Lyndsey, to use her and lure her to The Villians which he later sucseeds.

After snatching Lyndsey, their plan later fails when Roxas and Ventus save her. They are both kicked out by Morgana then to be arrested. Both are not seen again.