Cindy is a character of Castaras.                                                                                                        

Full Name Cindy Duckling-ton
Age 17
Origin Castaras
  • Con Artist
  • Murderer
Gender Female
Status Alive
Voiced By Gemma Bissix


Daffy Duck meets Cindy at a speed dating contest who Violet Parr pushed him and Lyndsey Longmoore to go onto. At first, Cindy knows a lot about Daffy and his life as an actor (where he played his part in Foghorn Leghorn and Lola Bunny's plays), also him being arrested. Later on, Daffy chooses Cindy over a another duck called Abigail. But as The Goodies have fun, Cindy's mood and personality changes when she makes a call to Baboon that she's gained the goodies trust.

A few days later, Cindy hears that Bugs Bunny has sent over £100,0000 to Daffy to help support him and his friends. She plans to rob his safe and flee with the money, but Boo and Pebbles Flinstone start to doubt Cindy. They dicover that Cindy was married but her husband died a mysterious and tragic death, After finding out that they know, Cindy locks the girls in a cage and plots to murder Daffy and frame Baboon, but is caught red handed by Daffy and the goodies. Daffy then dumps her and throws her out. She is arrested and not seen again.