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Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Human (Formerlly), Doll
Age 27
Birthday December, 1 1984
Affiliations Evil
Occupation Serial Killer / Villian
Homeworld Earth
Residence Anywhere / Villian HQ
Interests Killing, Tiffany, Andy Barclay's soul
Parents unknown
Grandparents none
Spouse(s) Tiffany  (wife, on/off)
  • Glen Ray (Son)
  • Glenda Tilly (Daughter)
Grandchildren none
Siblings none
Production Information
First Appearance Childs Play (1988)
Last Appearance Castaras (2017)
Voiced by Brad Dourif

Chucky is the main antagonist of the Child's Play franchise. Chucky is a killer Good Guy doll that had his soul transferred into the doll by using voodoo. In the first three films, he looks like a normal doll, but in the last three, he has many scars and stitches on his face and body. Despite his small size, Chucky has the strength of a full grown man.

He has tried to transfer his soul into others to escape his Good Guy doll body and get his revenge on the people. He fails to do so, killing anyone who stands in his way and framing the survivors of each film for the murders.

Early LifeEdit

Charles Lee Ray was a voodoo practitioner and serial strangler originally from Hackensack, New Jersey. Charles Lee Ray was born to an Irish American mother who came from a wealthy family but worked as a bartender and dancer, and an Austrian immigrant father who was an alcoholic who frequently abused him and his mother.


Chucky is thrill-seeking, sadistic, foul-mouthed and has a very short temper. He also holds grudges, and never forgets when someone has crossed him. He is a relentless hunter of victims, but if the hunting of a certain victim is slow going, he will divert his attention and kill others, sometimes if they threaten to expose him, or sometimes just for fun. He even has a tendency to kill people who try to help him, proving he is irredeemably evil, and cannot be reasoned with. He is also rude and unappreciative to Tiffany, his loyalest henchwoman and would-be bride, whom he sees as a pretty face and is drawn to her because they both enjoy killing. However, their relationship is on and off, but she appears loyal to him nevertheless. Chucky also possess a sarcastic wit, and also blurts insults at the most random of times, usually for comedic measure.

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