Background information
Species Baboon
Television programs Skunk Fu! (2007-2008)
Castaras (Upcoming)
Status Alive
Age 50 +
Created by Aiden Harte
Nationality American-Chinese
Voice Paul McLoone
Character information
Other names Imbicle (by Dragon)
Personality Angry, Aggressive, Violent, Girlish, Clumsy, Dimwitted, Dumb, Vengeful
Appearance Large white fur, with silver steaks in fur, large pink head, red button nose, black claws and feet. Speaks in a Cockney accent as well.
Occupation Leader Of The Villains (currently)
Dragons's second-in-command and leader of the Ninja Monkey (formerly).
Alignment Neutral, later Bad
Goal To please Dragon, defeat Skunk and defeat The goodies
Home Dragon Valley (former)
Villian HQ (currently).
Allies Morgana. Kirstie Shephard, Yosemite Sam, Spike Bulldog, Mother Goose, Maximus IQ, Chucky, Mojo Jojo, Scrappy Doo, The Ghost Clown, Mr Burns, Armando Mendez, Sonny Forelli, Axel, Vanitas and Moody Margaret
Enemies Melody, Horrid Henry, Lyndsey Longmoore, Roxas, Ventus, Daffy Duck, Lyndsey Duck, Scooby Doo, Daphne blake, Sheeba Cat, Tom Cat, Louise Cassidy, Tommy Vercetti, Tiffany Ray, Bubbles, Atomic Betty and Lisa Simpson
Likes Revenge, being in charge, bullying others, Power
Dislikes Good guys, Skunk,
Weapons Claws
Fate Gets banished for good by Dragon

Baboon is a character from the Irish cartoon series, "Skunk Fu" and also the secondary villain of the "Skunk Fu" series.

He is voiced by Northern Irish voice actor Paul McLoone who is also the frontman/local vocalist for the Northern Irish punk rock/new wave band, "The Undertones" and also a radio presenter with the highly popular Irish national independent station, Today FM.


Baboon is a highly-aggressive, intimidating figure who often abuses the Ninja Monkeys he's in charge of. He is also easily angered and is so eager to get power for himself that he's even willing to go any and all lengths to do so.

He is also submissive towards Dragon despite Baboon not showing Dragon any kind of respect whatsoever at times.

Baboon has also displayed a softer side albeit secretly but he is mostly evil.

In addition, Baboon also has a habit of planning schemes that are regarded as odd and which are in turn Baboon's own way of acting against Skunk yet the schemes themselves often fail usually to Baboon's own stupidity.

Skunk Fu

In "Skunk Fu", Baboon who was the second-in-command to Dragon often attempted to defeat Skunk but often failed miserably.

Eventually, Dragon, unable to take any more of Baboon's failures ultimately dismissed Baboon from the group for good, resulting in Baboon losing his place as leader of Dragon's Army with Baboon also being forced to leave the Valley as well.


Now operating solely, Baboon will return as the leader of the group, "The Villains" in the TV cartoon crossover, "Castaras" due for release in 2016 or later.

Baboon will also act far more darker and aggressive than in the past, often going to great lengths to seek revenge against his enemies while ordering his group to defeat "The Goodies".

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