Admiral Digill is a character from Atomic Betty.                                                                                                   


Admiral DeGill  is not only commanding officer of the Galactic Guardians but he is also Atomic Betty's's immediate superior, and assigns both her and her team to their various galactic missions. He greatly resembles a regular sized anthropomorphic orange goldfish dressed in a blue military uniform with a crew cut of grey and white hair (formerly blonde), and a muscular physique granted to him when he was younger by the genie Schmoz, he also speaks with a slight British accent and usually favors a corncob pipe that blows bubbles. Admiral DeGill radiates professionalism and takes his role as a Galactic Guardian commander very seriously, but has nevertheless managed to strike a balance between both his commander duties and his recreational pursuits.

Admiral DeGill is revealed, in the two part Season 2 finale epsiode Takes One to Know One, to be one of the original founding members of the Galactic Guardians, and in the Season Three episodes, is always accompanied by three human sized attractive looking female fish escorts, known collectively as the Rockettes In most episodes, he is often seen doing various activities in parts of the globe, sometimes with them, while issuing Betty her missions. Following the destruction of Galactic Guardian Headquarters in Season Three, he decides to construct a brand new headquarters on Earth, right underneath Betty's hometown of Moose Jaw Heights, which was opposed only by Betty herself; one apparent reason was his desire to visit the various landmarks on planet Earth (Niagara Falls among them), as well as the fact that one of his favourite beverages, espresso, is in plentiful supply on Earth.

Although there have been very few glances into Admiral DeGill's personal life outside the Galactic Guardians, he has an identical twin brother named Tex DeGill, who is sheriff on the western styled water planet of Ainrofilac Ubilam, and his teenage daughter, and Admiral DeGill's niece, named Lilly Rose, who is also Tex DeGill's deputy; he also has a sister, who has a son, his beverly hills surfer nephew, Commander Lamphray, as well as a teenage son of his own, named Bill DeGill, who's mother is none other then the villainess Pontifidora, who was once DeGill's girlfriend and fiancé. Her vendetta against Admiral DeGill is mainly due to how their relationship ended (DeGill ran off with a show-girl from the planet Vega). Pontifadora apparently turned to a life of crime after DeGill left her, which led to him capturing her and having her sent to Durango Maximum Security Prison.


Digill makes two appearences in Castaras. After the explosion, he tells his member Atomic Betty that the Earth has blown up and the crew stongly believe it was Maximus IQ. He is seen again after Betty's ship was sighted by Lyndsey Longmoore.